There is something we need to ask ourselves about this Corona situation. Did the lockdown work?

Scientists, especially those working for pharmaceutical companies, learned early on that if you simply said something was “good for you” or that it would “cure you,”

There was often a placebo effect. It was also realized that if the scientists, themselves, knew about the new drug or potential cure, they may tend to offer their own bias as to its effectiveness.

Double-blind studies were initiated to prevent bias and to overcome the placebo effect. Neither the patient nor the scientist/doctor knew which pill contained the actual drug and which was a placebo.

We have been told virtually the whole world over that a near-total lockdown was the only way we would avoid millions and millions of people dying, but it was no more than an experiment without any possible way of knowing the results ahead of time. The incredible and scary death toll was based on a flawed computer model put out by the Imperial College of London. This report announced the “sky was falling,” and all believed it.

Who said a lockdown was the only way out, and what proof was there that it was so? Have we not lived up, until this moment, through thousands and millions of viruses, including severe respiratory viruses, and yet, here we are? We made it until now without lockdowns. We made it through HIV/AIDS, the Swine flu (only a decade ago), SARS, Ebola, the Hanta virus, and numerous other viruses named and unnamed. This is not to say that deaths did not occur. They did. And no matter how many vaccines are invented, the viruses will mutate. As we go on living, so do the viruses. We will come and go, and so will viruses.

But Nature has a weapon against viruses. It’s called springtime and summertime. It is called sunshine and heat. You may have heard about these. According to a very recent article written in Medical News Today, entitled “Common Corona viruses Appear to be Highly Seasonal,” “A key finding of the study was that common human corona virus seems to be highly seasonal. When the study started surveilling participants all year round, the researchers found that only 2.5% of human corona virus respiratory infections occurred in the months between June and September.”

Wait a minute! In other words, human corona virus infections disappear at a rate of 97.5% from June to September! Are you still with me? No vaccine is necessary. No lockdown necessary–just springtime!

So, let’s just suppose for a moment that instead of mandatory lockdowns, what if we had been told, “There is a severe respiratory virus which has sprung up. People over the age of 70 are at high risk. If you have other illnesses or health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or heart disease, you will be at high risk. To these people, we recommend you avoid unnecessary contact with others and use self-responsibility and common sense to protect yourself. The good news is that respiratory viruses die-off in warm springtime weather, so we can all use common sense tactics while nature runs its course.”

Wow! No lockdowns. No stock market crash. No businesses closed. No starvation in under-developed countries. No police brutality. No neighbor reporting their neighbor. No silly, ineffective masks (more on that another time), no travel limitations.

Now I know what some of you are saying, “The explosion of cases would have overwhelmed the hospitals, etc.” But I ask, “How do you know? Can you prove it?”

Taiwan and Japan, two countries with very dense populations did not lockdown. Their hospitals were never overrun. In fact, their corona death rate per thousand is much lower than in the USA.

Taiwan is only 86 miles from China and yet, as of April 15, 2020, there were only 6 deaths. A population of 23.8 million people and 6 deaths ( Japan has a population of 126.5 million people. As of April 15, 2020, they have had 148 deaths (WHO). So the population of these two countries is nearly half of the 331 million people in the USA. The USA, however, on the same date has recorded 28, 221 deaths.

This is the double-blind study! This is the comparison between lockdown and no lockdown!

Are you understanding why we can NEVER let this happen to us again?

So back to your concern about overrunning our hospitals… Well, in epidemics such as this one, why not concentrate all our efforts on the hospitals and not closing down the world? Trillions of dollars are being given to individuals and corporations all over the world to compensate them for their losses. What if we had just concentrated on the emergency expansion of temporary facilities for these respiratory patients? Doesn’t that make more sense?

Again, it cannot be said loud enough: We cannot allow the dictators of the world to close us down again. We cannot allow them to force us to get vaccinations. If people want the vaccination, go ahead. You should be protected, right? I’ll worry about me. You worry about you. We cannot allow the governments to give us a “Corona card” or chip which indicates whether or not we’ve had the illness. This goes against our 4th amendment.

If we are truly a nation that is governed for the people and by the people and not by dictators, then we must stand up and let our politicians know that they will not tread on us again, that we have the right to govern ourselves, and we accept personal responsibility and the consequences thereof.

Due to the near disappearance of our 1st amendment in the U.S., I hope that all of you will pass this message to as many people as possible.

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    Excellent site sir! People GET THE WORD OUT!!! It’s not too late… forward this website to ALL you can. NOW. Or be enslaved. 🇺🇸

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